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Marriage conversations

These are the conversations which include the topic ‘marriage’ with my male friends.

This is the most irritating to hear from people who know me well. 

Me : Your girlfriend’s parents are searching a bridegroom for her right?
He : Yeah! What can be done? I cannot think of marriage for at least 4-5 years.
Me : Why?
He : I have to focus on my career. I have to achieve something.
Me : Hmmm.. My parents want me to marry soon.
He : Isn’t it great! Get married then.
Me : I too cannot think of marriage now.
And the guy stares at you as if he has seen a ghost. Or gives you that smile ‘You will be married whether you like it or you don’t.’ And why not?! My only dream should be to get married and stay married. Anything else said or done is considered completely ridiculous.

Here comes one more which I bet every girl must have heard and agreed to (I am surprised at how many girls agree to this happily!!)

Me : Hope I pass the exam/interview.
He : But I have to pass this. It is extremely necessary for me.
Me : Why?
He : We have to get job. You girls have other option.
And the guy will grin thinking MARRIAGE!!

And there are a few who understand that we too are human beings and can have dreams, goals, aspirations..

When I heard my close friend saying that I have other ‘option’, I asked him why does he assume that? I am ambitious and he knows it. Why is it that even then my opinion is chucked aside? He not only stopped passing such comments but intervened when other boys said that to me or other girls. I am proud of him for that.





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